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From Ezequiel: "I am Ezequiel Fainguersch, Co-Principal bassoon at the Colon Opera House. I would like to share with you my new solo CD that came out in July. Bests regards, Ezequiel ("


The Crusell Society International Oboe Competition


The BDRS's Bassoon President, Roger Birnstingl was recently made an Honorary Member of the International Double Reed Society at its Annual Conference in New York.


Royal Northern College of Music

PhD research investigating health education and support for musicians

Naomi Norton invites you to participate in a PhD research project entitled Health education in instrumental/vocal music lessons: the teacher’s perspective,based at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester under the supervision of Professor Jane Ginsborg and Dr Alinka Greasley funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

A significant number of musicians in the Western world are affected by performance-related problems such as music performance anxiety, noise-induced hearing loss, occupational stress and musculoskeletal disorders. Many of these problems are preventable provided that appropriate education and support are available throughout a musician’s training and career. Performing arts medicine specialists are turning to instrumental and vocal teachers as potential advocates for health promotion with the next generation of musicians;this research aims to explore instrumental/vocal music teachers’ perspectives on health education and support for musicians.

The specific study involves completing an online survey consisting of an introduction followed by four sets of questions. Click the link below to participate.


Althea Talbot Howard


Althea Talbot-Howard has posted videos on You Tube teaching two of the Six Metamorphoses.


Nick Daniels from website (c) Benjamin Harte

New artistic director for Dartington

The new artistic director of the Dartington International Summer School in 2014 is to be oboist and conductor Nicholas Daniel, the Dartington Hall Trust has announced.


Learn to Play the Oboe website


A new website has been set up to help make it easier to find out more about the oboe and how one goes about learning to play the instrument.

At 'Learn to play the Oboe' you can find several articles introducing the oboe as well as numerous collections of audio and video examples. There is also an active support community of discussion forums and classified ads so that you can always find the advice or oboe related products/services that you are looking for.

don't miss BASSOONIST Ole Kristian Dahl of Mannheim on PLAY WITH A PRO

Tom Hardy has been in touch to remind us Clarinetist Adam Simonsen from the Royal Danish Orchestra has collected together what is rapidly becoming an essential library of masterclasses with top pros on many instruments.

The latest set of videos are from Ole Kristian Dahl of Mannheim - not to be missed!


Daniel Baldwin & Richard Ramey

new project for daniel baldwin & richard ramey ...

A very exciting and distinctly unique new commissioning project is being spearheaded by Richard Ramey (Professor of Bassoon, University of Arkansas) with composer Daniel Baldwin. This project will commission Daniel to write a new "Rock and Roll" double concerto for 2 bassoons (amplified with microphones) and "rock and roll" wind ensemble (or symphonic band). The mostly traditional wind ensemble instrumentation will also include various guitars and trap set.

Sergio Azzolini - Masterclass, Vivaldi, Largo

Tom Hardy has been in touch to alert us to a video of Azzolini giving a Vivaldi masterclass on Worth watching!


Regis Records presents Sarah Francis & Colleagues playing Lennox Berkeley.

Regis Records presents Sarah Francis & colleagues playing Lennox Berkeley.

Regis Records presents Sarah Francis & colleagues playing Lennox Berkeley. A Trio for flute, oboe & piano.

“..a must for all enthusiasts of English chamber music.” Musicweb
Available from all good CD stockists.


SoundLincs (c)

New Players Welcome at Occasional Orchestras

Amateur orchestral musicians are invited to join two ‘occasional orchestras’ which have been formed in Lincolnshire.

Rehearsals under conductor Mary Michell take place on selected Saturday mornings in Grantham and in Nettleham, near Lincoln. All run from 9.30am to 12.30pm and the attendance fee is £7 per session. Players interested in joining either group should contact soundLINCS – Lincolnshire Music Development Agency - for details: call 01522 510073, e-mail or visit

Play with a Pro Logo


Tom Hardy advises that this website has a new video from Berlin Philarmonic veterans, oboist Hansjörg Schellenberger and flautist Emmanuel Pahud.

Tom comments "A few months ago I emailed about the great videos on with Gustavo Núñez from the Concertgebouw Orchestra.They have now put a new video up from Berlin Phil veterans oboist Hansjörg Schellenberger and flautist Emmanuel Pahud.

The download of the first video from Schellenberger (Breathing and Blowing) is free (you have to also have the player installed from the site though you can watch a free preview). Both he and Emmanuel Pahud make some points on breathing that I have never heard before and that I found amazingly helpful.

Always easier "said" rather than put into practise and done of course, but in this case it had an immediate impact on my playing. It never ceases to amaze me how one player sounds like him or herself on whatever make of instrument they play on.

In the search for an easier life we try Heckel, Fox, Moosmann, Puchner, Bell, Soulsby, Adler, Mollenhauer and so on (though I have yet to try a Leitzinger bassoon!). Also endless reed scraping and crook changing has led me to a set up that feels comfortable with a wide dynamic range. But at the end of the day I sound like Tom playing the bassoon. Even on a Chinese Lark. Which for all of us is actually a good thing as it is our individual voice.

But some of Emmanuel Pahud's comments on resonance (especially an analogy he makes and a comment on how to open up the sinus and nose area) go a long way to explaining to me why this would be. And a practise session after watching this video was VERY fruitful (and fruity in the "resonance" department!). So in the interest of improving sound / projection / tuning / comfort / endurance and dynamic range have a look and let me know if you agree or disagree with them and what you get out of it!

I'm sure there will be as many viewpoints as there are players but either way there is something to be gained from this video. Hats off to founder Adam Simonsen (clarinetist playing in The Royal Danish Orchestra, educated from the Juilliard School of Music, and founder of Play with a Pro) for creating this site and getting these videos done! He tells me he is doing one with Sergio Azzolini in September on Vivaldi concertos - now that's going to be fascinating...


Alexei Ogrintchouk (c)

Alexei Ogrintchouk

Here is a very interesting and lengthy interview with Russian oboist Alexei Ogrintchouk in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw artist interview series.


RAM Bassoon Ensemble CD

The long awaited Ram bassoon ensemble cd is now available.

Directed by John Orford, the CD includes Karl Kolbinger, Prokofiev, Richard Bissill, Debussy, Gershwin, Dizzy Gillespie/Don Raye/Harold Airen/Richard Rogers, Glinka.

The Academy Bassoon Ensemble showcases the talents of all bassoon students at the Academy. It presents annual concerts; this is its first recording.


Excel in an advanced new Symphony Orchestraa


I am currently on the lookout, on behalf of a bassoonist in the Middle East for a very cheap bassoon.
I am wondering if any of you have an instrument sitting in a cupboard, unused, unloved and unwanted, and wouldn’t mind selling it for something below its true value. He's really looking for any reasonable instrument with a full German system, the cheaper and more reliable the better. 

It would be going to an extraordinarily good cause. The bassoonist I am trying to help is the bassoon teacher at the Sulimaniyah Institute of Fine Arts, in Iraq, Daroon Qaradakhi. Yes, Iraq! Previously he was studying at the Institute for fine arts, where he was loaned an instrument, however, there is now a pupil there, so he has to give the pupil his bassoon, and now has no bassoon to teach on. 

He is looking for an instrument costing less than $2,000, which is around £1,350. Although this does not sound a lot, the average wage in Iraq is $3,800, so that is a considerable amount of money for Daroon. 

I know that Daroon would be so eternally grateful for any help or assistance that he can get, and it would help the continued existence of the bassoon in Iraq, as he would be in a position to teach much more successfully, and play with the orchestra in his home city. 

If any of you are in a position to help, then please do not hesitate to contact me, via my email address, alternatively ring me on 07912 50 125. Thank You. Nick Macorison, London UK.

Archive news items




16th - 18th September

Spend the weekend immersed in the wind ensemble music of Vienna and Bohemia 1780-1820. Period-instrument specialists Emily Worthington, Anneke Scott and Robert Percival will guide you through works by Mozart, Beethoven and Krommer as well as historical transcriptions of operatic and symphonic music. You will also have the chance to learn the basics of classical period performing style and hear or try period instruments.




Advanced Oboe for players aged 14-19

30th - 31st July

This two day course will help you develop your playing and technical ability, as well as consolidate your understanding and interpretation of the repertoire. The course includes workshops on technique, masterclasses on solo repertoire, etudes and scales, handling nerves and performance stress and wWork on reed making in Guildhall's dedicated Reed Room.

For musicians aged 14-19 with ABRSM Grade 6 (or equivalent)




Oboe and Cor Anglais artistry for players aged 19-25

30th - 31st July

This artistry course offers the opportunity to be coached by some of the UK's leading Oboe and Cor Anglais players, members of some of the great orchestras in the Capital and performing as soloists at the highest level. The course includes orchestral excerpts, masterclass on solo repertoire performance, audition skills, competition preparation, instrumental technique and reed making in Guildhall's dedicated Reed Room.

For oboists considering applying to the Guildhall School’s Orchestral Artistry postgraduate specialism or the Guildhall Artist Masters in Advanced Instrumental Studies.




( is a specialist retail business based in Wales at 4 Monnow St., Monmouth, NP25 3EE.

Crook and Staple was founded in 2011 & is quickly becoming one of the main double reed retailer in the UK.

They have just received the Welsh Assembly Government & RWCMD Business Futures Award 2012, and are offering a special 10% discount (3% for specialist machines) to members of the British Double Reed Society.

To receive the discount please email

They look forward to helping every double reed player, whether you just need some helpful advice or need an item delivering quickly to your door!


Sophia Wilson

The Musicians' Union is trying to locate a baroque oboist called Sophia Wilson, as they are holding some residuals for her. If you know of her, please contact Peter Thoms on 020 7840 5559 or






The oboe is a Ward and Winterbourn, with semi-automatic octaves. It's about 20 years old. The cor is an Erlbach, serial number 92076. Both instruments were in a Howarth Academy double case along with various accessories including reeds, mops and a tuner/metronome.

They were stolen from my home in Bridge of Allan, near Stirling between the 18th and 19th of October. Any help or information, please to Catherine Isherwood, 07769 784956 or email



Black copy of a Grenser 8 key classical bassoon made by Pau Orriols, in a black Jessops tripod case with orange trim. Inside, the bassoon is wrapped in floral fabric. There is a wooden 5 reed case in the small outer pocket on the case. Lost or stolen from northbound Northern Line train between Moorgate and Angel at approx 17:30 on 12th August 2014. Any help much appreciated.

Joe Qiu, 07984415261 or email



A UNIQUE oboe was stolen on Easter weekend 2014.It is a fully automatic violet wood oboe with gold plated keys made by Ludwig Frank in 2012.

If you can help, please email



The theft took place in Barnes from a car outside a house on Tuesday 17th September 2013 between 1 and 1.30 pm. The car window was smashed and a bag with octets was taken along with the oboe.

It is a Howarth S2, No. 3757 and has a small crack in the bell. The hard case has the name "Susan Bulmer" on it and a sticker on the outside saying Dartington Summer School. It is also in a black canvas case with tuner (with same name on it) and other oboe paraphernalia. 2 reed cases (a black one and orange one) with 6 reeds in each.

If you have any information, please telephone 020 7630 1229